A Poem For Malcolm

You came into my life Sir and I never knew why ? Sat across from you on our first meeting, I started to cry. Your words were soft and calm I was trembling and trying to do no harm. You see Sir, I was a broken man Trying to get by, and live the bestContinue reading “A Poem For Malcolm”

Covid War

Lockdown has been a struggle Many people not coming together in a huddle. Boris Johnson informing us of the facts The NHS appearing to have cracks. Businesses not being able to pay their bills Covid increasing it’s kills. The world is now a different place With a mobile app that tracks & trace. Our NHSContinue reading “Covid War”

Demons Within

From war to a civilian A soldier’s thoughts are the demons within. Places they’ve seen & the people saved Name’s on a wall marks a soldiers grave. How can we share? How can we tell? The thoughts in their head is living hell. Once a proud soldier with all to gain Now a shivering wreckContinue reading “Demons Within”

Live For Today

We often think of yesterday, But not for today. We think of the wrongs, But not to where we belong. We often think we are weak, To the future that looks bleak. Live for today and make some calls, You’re not the only one with flaws. You’ll get through this day, For tomorrow I pray.Continue reading “Live For Today”