Mam’s Last Fight

I held your hand and asked why?

Fighting with my emotions I start to cry.

Your my Mam and I can’t say goodbye

All I keep asking, is why?

God please give her strength to go on,

It’s too soon for her to be gone.

She’s a beautiful lady with a big heart

Please god, don’t rip us apart.

My heart is breaking as you fade each day

I never thought you’d go out this way.

I see your anguish, fears and pains

Medication running through your veins.

Keep fighting Mam til your last

Talking of memories from the past.

You are loved by everyone who knows you

But not as much as we do.

I remember our talks over the years

The joys, sadness and all the tears.

A Mam in a million and a son that’s proud

You’d stand out from any crowd.

I watch you deteriorate before my eyes

Only god knows the why’s?.

Our hearts are broke and our eyes weap

Stay a little longer for us to keep.

I wish I could take the cancer away

Even if it was just for one more day.

You’re a beautiful woman with a pure soul

If only we could go to the beach for a stroll.

You are a warrior and a fighter

Showing courage against the cancer.

I never thought this would happen to you

If only it could be swapped for the flu.

At 10:05pm on the 30th July your soul was taken

I sat at your bedside for hours hoping for you to waken.

It wasn’t to be, and now your soul is free.

I love you Mam now and until my last day

A son who never forgets the things you did and say.

God I miss you Mam and it’s been a week

Not going to lie but the future looks bleak.

We send you all our love wherever you may rest

For a beautiful lady and a Mam who was the best ❤️

Sleep well Mam !

RIP Eileen Crossland 1953 – 2022

“My Mam”

Copyright © 2022 A.M. Standish

Published by antonymstandish

Professional photographer, Author and Psychic Medium. His passion for photography started back in his Army days whilst serving in Kosovo in 1999. Over the years he has become very passionate towards helping individuals and this has led him to becoming a Psychic Medium. His love for tarot reading has brought it's very own rewards over the years. Having lost his baby boy in 2012, only a few years after the passing of his father, he struggled to find his purpose and reason for being here, alive. Having been through difficult times, starting a successful photography company and providing readings to people around the world. He is finally at one with the world, now he wants to spread the love to many others who may also be struggling to find their purpose. Come and join us on this incredible journey.

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