“To truly experience a journey, One must let go”


Latest From My Words

Mam’s Last Fight

I held your hand and asked why? Fighting with my emotions I start to cry. Your my Mam and I can’t say goodbye All I keep asking, is why? God please give her strength to go on, It’s too soon for her to be gone. She’s a beautiful lady with a big heart Please god,Continue reading “Mam’s Last Fight”

A Soldiers PTSD

A nightmare like no other, Of a baby being protected by her mother. War is hell at least that’s what they say, It’ll all be over and start of a new day. People terrified as they flee for their lives, No men here just mothers and wives. Men were slaughtered and boys killed, Mass gravesContinue reading “A Soldiers PTSD”

The Homeless Guy

He sits in hope, Of a passer by throwing him a rope. Without any money or a roof over his head, If only for one night he had a bed. He sits quietly in despair, Wearing a worn coat in need of repair. How he got here he does not know, From a life experienceContinue reading “The Homeless Guy”

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Welcome to A M Standish, an aspiring author and poet. Mr Standish served in the British Army in 1998 and lives in the North West of England. I welcome you to join him on his journey. Writing stories, and sharing life experiences through poetry. His daily struggles with writers block and expressing himself so that we can all arrive at victory lane, together. The 5am club isn’t just a myth, it is actually a vital part to creating an interesting masterpiece.

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