“To truly experience a journey, One must let go”


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My character is a wizard called Avaleen, A female who is full of spirit and looks quite clean. I have never spoke about her before, Any ideas normally fall to the floor. A very proud and humorous lady, Full of mischief with a hint of being shady. Avaleen, doesn’t have any children of her own.Continue reading “Avaleen”

Thank You

From my heart I thank you all, 100 likes from nothing at all. The follows and likes, The shares, and the moments of yikes. You’re all amazing people with a story, Let our work continue for hope & glory. Thank You A.M. Standish

A Written Thought

It came into my head like a swooping bird, Writing a thought about the people that cared. Sharing memories from the past for all to read, How being here is so hard to believe. For the people I have loved, To those who have left and gone above. Words is how I express myself toContinue reading “A Written Thought”

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Welcome to A M Standish, an aspiring author and poet. Mr Standish served in the British Army in 1998 and lives in the North West of England. I welcome you to join him on his journey. Writing stories, and sharing life experiences through poetry. His daily struggles with writers block and expressing himself so that we can all arrive at victory lane, together. The 5am club isn’t just a myth, it is actually a vital part to creating an interesting masterpiece.

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